“A cyber-attack puts business continuity at risk.”

Why is it necessary to classify the information? How do I define what information I can share or disclose? Who should define it?  All information must be protected in the same way? What is the critical information for my business? Do I have to comply with any regulation on the care of information? How to classify the information? What is a DLP, and how is it implemented?

Our services answer all these questions and implement the answers in a scenario of increasing attacks where the information can have a high value and run the risk of being disclosed, stolen, destroyed or corrupted, directly affecting the business and its continuity.

Our service covers the formalisation of cyber security in a company, developing the following components:

  • Policies: These are the general security principles on which the detailed rules, procedures and standards must be based.
  • Standards: concrete definitions on each of the specific security issues.
  • Procedures: details of courses of action and tasks that users must perform to enforce the definitions of the standards (how it is explicitly done in the company).
  • Technical standards: a set of specific security parameters for each of the computer technologies used.

Organisational Problems

How to secure business information? Is my company ready to face the current cyber attacks? Can I be an attack target? Are my company employees aware of existing computer threats? Do they know what computer security is and how to prevent incidents in information security? Is your organisation’s data protected? Where are your most vulnerable points?

Our advice is based on providing effective solutions according to the needs of each organisation, where we carry out a comprehensive survey and analysis of the company’s situation regarding information security. 

Strategic Security Plan

The development of a Strategic Security Plan aims to determine the projects to be carried out by the organisation to guarantee proper management of information security and mitigate incidents that could affect the operation of the business.

The development and implementation of the Strategic Security Plan defined based on the organisation’s business strategy, and its specific needs are part of our services, where the identification of the business processes and information assets that support them constitutes an aspect fundamental.